Office Toys

I love working in education. But part of the allure is bringing some of my toys to the office. You know it ain’t legit till one of your coworkers crochets you a Lil’ Yoda

Boy do I miss bringing toys to my office :(
Working in an NWOW environment means your desk today is someone else’s tomorrow.


Sometimes life is full of surprises. Unless you live in the US or Canada you aren’t exactly spoiled with many chances to find Star Wars toys in retail stores other than specialized comic or fantasy shops—especially not toys as big as the AT-AT from the Vintage Collection. This here was an exception, though, as I spotted this gorgeous AT-AT in the security area of a German airport. While there mostly were the usual suspects like Black Series Greedos, Han Solos, and (dozens of!) Slave Leias, and the more or less superfluous figures from the latest five-point-articulated Saga Legends series, the sight of a complete AT-AT with AT-AT driver (a rare figure by itself!) really astonished me. Among the Saga Legends series figures I found the rare Stormtrooper, which I find gorgeous and which sticks out in this series. On second thought while seeing these photos I wished I had bought C-3PO and R2-D2, too.

While I shot these photos, I caught the attention of the store detective, who first seemed to be suspicious but then, when he saw the pocket camera in my hand (and my glowing eyes), sympathized with my inner child.

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Black Series Chewie!

Found him in a local Walgreens on the way home last night. Interestingly “hidden in plain sight” with Sandtrooper. No Vader or Jedi Luke (or Proto Fett). 

Good thing they redesigned the box. Initial pictures of Chewie in the box “walk like an Egyptian” style were somewhat comedic. 

When I brought him onto the shelf, Han was pleasantly surprised and insisted on a shot with them together.

My 3 3/4” Lando figure is nowhere to be found… XD